• Navy Winston Tee100,00 DKK

  • White Winston Tee100,00 DKK

  • Black Winston tee100,00 DKK

  • Black Lincoln Tee100,00 DKK

  • Daisy 6-panel - APARTÉ SALE149,00 DKK

  • CP - Black S&S cap100,00 DKK

  • CP - Black skull tee100,00 DKK

  • CP - Black stone tee100,00 DKK

  • CP - Silver skull100,00 DKK

  • CP - White Turtleneck100,00 DKK

  • VP-Shirt399,00 DKK


"Fashion is a language that creates itself in
clothes to interpret reality"

S&S-Projects represents our view on fashion and our own style combined by underground, elegance and nationality. Our ambition is to not just create a brand of clothing, but a culture. We want to change the way people think. Besides the three fundamental aspects of our inspiration, we have three more elements which always recur in our production: environment thinking, rationality and creativity. However the quality of our garments is always in focus. We believe that with a combination of design, functionality and quality, we’re able to create an ideal piece of clothing. The name “S&S-Projects” is a combination of the two owner’s middle names and is a considerable part of our ambition to change peoples’ way of thinking. S&S-Projects was founded a cold and snowy day in January 2013 and has developed itself every day since.


S&S-Pickup, Billum+45 4264 4025

Vesterhavsvej 54, 6852 Billum
Vestjylland, Denmark

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